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Honours and Distinctions

From time to time, the Society chooses to recognise and make awards to both Members of the Society and/or individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of pain and its management.


  1. Medal of Distinction
  2. Honorary Membership

Medal of Distinction

The Medal of Distinction is one of the British Pain Society's highest honours.  Typically, the nominee will be an Honorary Member of the British Pain Society, who has made an outstanding contribution to the BPS, as well as its aims and objectives over a sustained period of time.

Previous recipients of the Medal of Distinction are:

  • Prof. Sir Michael Bond
  • Dr Douglas Justins
  • Dr Beverly Collett
  • Dr William Campbell

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Honorary Membership

Honorary Membership is awarded to those who have made an outstanding contribution to the understanding of pain and its management and supported the British Pain Society's aims and activities. 

Recipients of Honorary Membership are proposed by the Society's Council, and is awarded at the Annual General Meeting.

The British Pain Society is delighted to list our current Honorary Members below:

  • Professor Nick Allcock
  • Dr Richard Atkinson
  • Professor Andrew Baranowski
  • Dr Jean-Marie Besson
  • Professor Sir Michael Bond
  • Dr David Bowsher
  • Professor Harald Breivik
  • Dr Keith Budd
  • Ms Vidyamala Burch
  • Dr William Campbell
  • Dr John Edmond Charlton
  • Dr Mark Duncan Churcher
  • Dr Frances Cole
  • Dr Beverly Collett
  • Professor Michael Cousins
  • Ms Felicia Cox
  • Dr Andrew William Diamond
  • Professor Anthony Dickenson
  • Dr Peter Evans
  • Professor Maria Fitzgerald
  • Mrs Jean Gaffin OBE
  • Dr John Goddard
  • Dr Thomas Kenneth Hardy
  • Dr Joan B Hester
  • Professor Troels S.Jensen
  • Dr Timothy Johnson
  • Dr Douglas M Justins
  • Professor Roger Knaggs
  • Professor Richard Langford
  • Dr Anne Packe Laughland
  • Dr William Macrae
  • Professor Christopher Main
  • Professor Henry McQuay
  • Professor Andrew Moore
  • Mr Peter Moore
  • Professor Stephen Morley
  • Mrs Heather Muncey
  • Dr Rajesh Munglani
  • Dr Timothy Paul Nash
  • Dr Pierluigi Petriccione Di Vadi
  • Dr Cathy Price
  • Mr Michael D Ridley
  • Professor John Warburton Thompson
  • Professor Kate Seers
  • Dr Cathy Stannard
  • Mrs Nia Taylor
  • Professor Paul Watson
  • Ms Heather Wallace
  • Dr J Christopher D Wells
  • Dr Paul Wilkinson
  • Dr Amanda C de C Williams
  • Dr Raymond Percy Wise
  • Professor John Wood
  • Professor Irene Tracey

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